Felt nowt. 14.8.21

It’s still relatively early in the Felt Now residency at Laurel’s but with various socials already talking about the comedy event being one of the top places to head to at the weekend, tonight seems a nice opportunity for the organisation to cement their ‘new ones to watch’ status.  A warm day, and a boozy crowd, require a confident compare to set an early high comedic standard and enforce the rules, something Si Beckwroth does well across the night, building the right ambience for the comics to flourish.  Opener Lauren Paterson (and her dog Ralf) start the show with interesting, honest, tales of men, Geordie’s, Cockneys, and being dumped on April Fools Day; it’s another strong set from a naturally confident comedian with a growing reputation. Follow up Sam Mayes doesn’t quite hit the same highs as Paterson, though her set does show promise and her Britney Spears bit about moving into different musical genres may well be the highlight of the night.  Closer Neil Harris finishes off the evening with a well worked, clever, take on social anxiety (exemplified by a great bit about choosing a Subway sandwich) which presents an interesting insight into neurology and how we process thoughts and information.  Another strong evening from an organisation and venue trying to do something different and break the norm.

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