James Leonard Hewitson. The Engine Room. 26.8.21

A nice demonstration of how important the physical space and crowd location are to a live show, tonight’s gig – a standing and compact show – is a world away from last month’s gig for Hewitson at the KU bar.  Whilst both the Ku and the Engine Room may be two of the region’s finest venues, a month on from escaping lockdown sees the crowd now able to stand at gigs; providing the type of atmosphere that best suits the garage pop/rock/shoegaze sound of Hewitson.  Openers Waves of Dread provide a loud, grungy, sound for the crowd before Hewitson takes control with his Gang of four spiky guitars, tongue in cheek lyrics, and blossoming catalogue.  A particularly jaunty version of Only the noise steals a show that is becoming increasingly highlighted by the two jewels in Hewitson’s crown; Dance Track and Commercial vibe.  Tonight proves that live music is at its best when it’s not a passive experience.

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