Squarms. The Engine Room. 29.8.21

The newest music venue in North Shields, the Engine Room, has pulled off a blinder so far with their first few live shows selling out in minutes and gaining fantastic reviews.  Intimate, and with a powerful sound system, the Engine Room is perfectly engineered for night like tonight which draws in unique voices demanding intimate settings.  Kicking off the show with his modern style of ‘Streets’ based reality song writing and downtempo beats, Thomas Walliker sets the evening off well with confessional tales of boredom and uncertainty.  It’s a nice set up for local crowd-pleaser John Dole who uses the venues wicked sound system to kick off experimental electronic and hip hop sounds.  Standing out when he blends his neon beats with reverbed vocals, like on recent single Acid Rain, and new single Dislocate, Dole grooves and rhymes with natural skill in his solo production/delivery/design set.  Keeping the beats high, and the volume even higher, grime/electronic punks Squarms end the show with their two-piece take on sampled beats/ interesting breaks and free-flow throwdowns/ spoken word delivery.  Part punk in their ethos, and full of intensity in their delivery, you wonder if this is the kind of sound that punksters from the mid to late 90s (The Rollins Band in particular) would be making if they lived in today’s sounds and wanted to vent anger and frustration.  Great show, great venue, great acts.

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