Sonic Boom. The Cluny. 7.9.21

Setting the scene for a multimedia evening of thought provoking, and introspective, electronica, Late girl opens up tonight’s show with a wonderful 30-minute visual/electro meditation on modern culture.  Inspired by a Terrence Malick styled video backdrop of 1970s and 80s urban activity, Late girl explores humanities reach for glory, juxtaposed with overlayed multilingual vocals and subtle electronica, which provide multiple entry points to her work; it’s the perfect set-up for Boom’s equally contemplative works about humanity – Boom walking us through his last album, track by track, in a show which heightens the more aggressive places (beats and effects) of the album whilst offering more tenderness (his vocal delivery). 
Using minimal production of looped sequences, coupled with the technique of repeating key lines in his vocals, Boom’s show is effective because of it’s hypnotic, almost chanting, style of delivery which serves to create the type of earworms which layer perfectly with digital visuals.  Fantastic.

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