September 21

Declan Mckenna – Sagitarrius A

A return to the work of Showsec does that thing I enjoy about it best- puts me into a world of music I never normally get close to. McKenna’s Sagittarius – and a song about rockets which I haven’t been able to find yet – are stand outs in an interesting, but intentful, show.

Culture Club – Church of the Poison Mind

A recent obsession with the CC continues and even though Church was posted farily recently, and I feel bad to other records I have on repeat most months but don’t always reference here, this one’s on so much i’d feel bad to not give it a mention.

Blossoms – Your girlfiend

A gig at the Academy gives me opportunity to listen properly to a band I know consider, alongside the 1975, to be the natural successors to Duran Duran. Your girlfriend and my swimming brain standing out as almost perfect pop.